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4pc Band to play in London from £2800

*includes PA & Lighting Hire for up to 120 guests inside M25 / Greater London only*


Our prices are flexible to suit your requirements and save on the extras you may not need!


Our most popular line-up are the 5 and 6pc band:

  • Featuring female singer, guitar or keys, bass, drums, with sax player on the 6pc line-up

  • 2 x 60 mins live sets

  • the band will be on-site for up to 7 hours until midnight

  • Travel expenses to venues outside of M25 apply

  • DJ service until midnight (additional extra)



Additional Afternoon Duo with Main Band Booking

Set the mood of your ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast. Add an afternoon duo to play jazzy / mid-tempo background music to your booking. It will create an uplifting vibe throughout the day. The duo/trio/quartet will perform 2 x 30min sets with 10-15 min breaks in between sets.  They will then join the evening band for the upbeat funk and soul set.

Band Sizes:

"The bigger, the better" definitely rings true for Soul and Funk music!  Our recommended band size is 7pc and is made up of 5 instrumentalists (includes a sax player) and 2 vocalists.  We recommend at least one horn (sax). Horns always make the party that much more festive and impressive!


Line up:

  1. Female Lead Vocals,

  2. Guitarist,

  3. Keyboardist,

  4. Bassist,

  5. Drummer,

  6. Male/Female Lead Vocals

  7. Sax

For 8, 9, 10pc bands, add:

  1. Trumpet 

  2. Trombone

  3. Percussion

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