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The Flo Collective is a Modern Soul band borne out of the love of playing music - contemporary, jazz and for some of us, even classical.  Our repertoire covers the 50's (Motown, Aretha, James Brown) to today's top hits (by Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, Beyonce).  The band is a collective of professional musicians that are serious about their music.  Many of our musicians have been formally trained in Jazz and Classical at London's leading music colleges/universities. Each musician has over 7 years experience playing live at a professional level. We have extensive experience playing festivals, corporate functions and weddings (including Jewish weddings playing Hora).


Music is a major part of arguably every single party ever held.  We take pride in the quality of the music that we play and we love our clients for they recognize our sincerity.  We are an independently run band and we're not here to just fulfill a service for commercial gains, rather, we aim to truly entertain you and your guests and to work closely with you in making your event unforgettable.

Passion is a key ingredient in what we do.  It's what truly drives us and we believe it makes our shows infectious, fun and energetic!  We absolutely love working with clients who share this passion for music with us.

No genre of contemporary music is too difficult for us to play so please let us know if you need help with organising music for your next event!

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