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  • Is the band willing to travel?
    Yes! Many of the gigs we play are over 50 miles from London. Travel expenses are calculated at 45p/mile per crew vehicle. For example, if you're booking a 6-7pc band, we will need to have travel expenses covered for 3 cars, taking into account space for our musical instruments, PA system and lighting. Destination Weddings: Yes! We love playing abroad so please feel free to contact us to discuss the logistics. For venues over 2.5 hours away, we may require accommodation around the venue depending on what time our last set finishes.
  • Where can I find reviews about your band?
    Our awesome clients have left us reviews via Google. You will find them via this link:
  • Where can I see Flo Collective perform live?
    We play events open to the public regularly. Please find out about them via our Gig Page below:
  • Can I request the songs I'd like to hear played live?
    Absolutely! We have a wide repertoire and are always open to new suggestions. Our previous clients have introduced us to some of the most amazing songs that we hadn't heard or have forgotten about. Having said that, we do like to reserve about 80 minutes of our 120min show playing the our dance floor fillers (especially songs from Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Chic, and many more!) In any case, we will discuss all of this with you once you have confirmed your booking with us!
  • How much do you charge?
    Our prices vary depending on the size of the band, distance between London and the venue, timings and additional requirements (such as ceremony music, afternoon jazz duo/trio, or separate DJ). Our prices for the 4pc is from £2340 inc VAT for London events. This includes professional quality PA system, disco lighting, 2 hours of live music. We'll manage your iPod playlist when the band is not playing. The band will arrive from 5pm and finish at midnight.
  • What is included in the price?
    The basic price includes the band to play for 2 hours, along with all the necessary PA and lighting equipment. Music will be played from a pre-selected playlist in-between the band sets and afterwards until midnight.
  • How late can the band play until?
    The band's last set usually finishes at around 11pm. This is to enable the musicians to travel home safely. If they are required to stay much later than that then accommodation may need to be provided.
  • How long does it take to set up?
    It takes a minimum of 90 minutes to set up, this includes loading the equipment in, setting it up and performing a brief sound-check.
  • How long does the band play for?
    The band usually plays 2 sets of 1 hour long. We find this works best but we can be flexible if you need to have different timings.
  • Can you do it any quicker?
    Yes, it is possible to cit down the set up time if a second sound engineer is hired for the event, otherwise 90 minutes is the minimum time needed. Let us know if you need a 2nd sound engineer and this can be added to the quote.
  • How much space do you need?
    We can fit in small spaces but we will be happy with the following: Trio : 2m x 2m or approx 6.5ft x 6.5ft (need more space if we have drums, keys) 4pc - 6pc : 3m x 2.5m or approx 10ft x 8ft 7p - 9pc : 4m x 3m or approx 13ft x 10ft
  • Our venue has noise restrictions. How do you work around this?
    We have played in many venues with a sound restrictions as low as 80dB. We've found that the best way to overcome this requirement is to communicate directly with the venue and ask about the issues they've experienced in the past so that we can work towards avoiding all of them. We have a qualified sound engineer that will set up the band and adjust the levels to adhere to the sound limitation. There have been times when we used an electronic drum kit to greatly lower the band's volume. We can also use headphones to monitor ourselves so that we won't need too many speakers and amplifiers on stage.
  • Can you play in a venue with a sound limiter?
    Yes, if we are given advance warning that a venue has an active sound limiter (one that cuts the power if the sound level is exceeded) then we can make adjustments to try to prevent the sound limiter triggering. It would be preferable to perform in a venue with no sound limiter, or restrictive sound policies.
  • We are hiring a generator, how much power do you need?
    The band needs around 3000watts, for the PA, Lights and Amplification for instruments. We request at least 2 x 13amp sockets.
  • What happens if you need to cancel?
    Thankfully, we've never had to cancel any of our bookings! However, we understand that there may be unavoidable situations outside of our control that could stop us from performing at your event. This will be extreme circumstances and we're lucky to have not experienced them (hopefully not ever). Rest assured that our main aim is to arrive at your event on time and do what we love best - play great music! As a preventative measure, we have a big database of professional musicians with decades of experience performing Soul, Funk and Disco music at functions, concerts, theatres, festivals, etc. and through our connections, we will have it covered. We have a clause in place if an unfortunate circumstance occurs. Flo Collective has a reputation to uphold and we take it very seriously. We want all of our clients to come away happy with their experience and tell everyone about how great we were!
  • What happens if I need to cancel the confirmed booking?
    We understand that unexpected events might happen so we exercise discretion as much as we can and allow to have the even rescheduled within 12 months of the original booking date. We do withhold the full deposit amount (30% of the final fee) and the price may possibly increase depending on the new venue location (if this also changes).
  • How do I book you guys?
    Simply send us an enquiry via the link below. We ask for a 30% deposit to confirm the booking. Get A Quote Page
  • Do we need to provide you with meals?
    Yes please! We are usually on-site between 7 to 10 hours (sometimes longer) so we will need food to be provided so that we can concentrate on playing our best for you! We request hot meals for the full crew (band, DJ, sound engineer if booked) and basic non-alcoholic beverages.
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